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100 in stock (can be backordered)

100 in stock (can be backordered)

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Gripper RE-BUILD KIT, 18 Clutch Plates and 2 x BELLEVILLE spring


Generic Diff rebuilding.

Build the LSD as it came apart.

Allow 1.5-2mm total compression of the plate stack/springs.   DO NOT FIT the internal wavey washers and thrust washers –  so the side gears are loose.

Check the pre-load torque that you require and adjust the plate thickness up or down to change this.  ALWAYS check that the gears are very loose.

Once the plate thickness is correct for the required preload,  fit the THRUST WASHERS behind the gears to correctly engage the gears.

Check that the gears are just loose 0.25-0.5mm.   If one gear is tight and one gear loose then change the plate thickness (left to right) to move the centre gear cluster over to make the gear fit correct.   OR/also  change the Gear Thrust washer for a different thickness.   2.25,2.50,2.75,3.0,3.25,3.5,3.8mm available.

Always check the gears are very slightly loose with the final washers – check again the preload.

Finally fit the Wavey Washers behind the gears.   Check the preload again.

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