The Official Gripper Differentials – Life-Time Warranty

‘Buy direct, with full factory support’

GRIPPER DIFFERENTIALS is a UK based company with a wealth of experience in manufacturing Limited Slip Differentials.   We have been manufacturing LSD units for over 16 years.  Our in-house design facilities and CNC machining ability’s make us responsive to the customers needs. We have a large range of limited slip differentials currently available ready build direct from our stock and new units are constantly being developed covering all forms of Motorsport as well as Road use.

With the latest developments using the Quiet Plates the Gripper Differentials can be set up with varying amounts of “Preload” and Ramp angles to suit individual needs giving Quiet, Smooth, Progressive control.

With certain settings the “differential action” is hardly noticeable, the improved handling being all that is felt.  Alternative settings, say for “Rallying”, will give continuous drive even when a wheel is lifted or indeed a broken drive shaft, instilling complete confidence in whichever type of vehicle you are driving.

For more details regarding settings please do contact us.